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Environmental Testing

Diffusion Tube Air Quality Monitoring

Diffusion tubes provide affordable long-term monitoring options which are accurate to parts per billion. These cost effective devices are simple to install and don’t require any specialist knowledge to maintain. Just send them back after use and we will analyse them for you.

The most common use for diffusion tubes is to monitor Nitrogen Oxide levels, which form quickly from fuel combustion products. High levels can be linked to respiratory effects and aggravated heart disease symptoms. It can also lead to ground-level ozone formation which is damaging to plant life.

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Dust Monitoring

Nuisance dust is generated by a wide range of activities such as traffic, construction, demolition, mineral workings and general industry. Due to awareness of health implications, monitoring is now a planning requirement in many local authorities. Members of the public may also wish to monitor the impact of industrial dust levels on their property.

We provide the necessary deposit gauges and analyse the results to give an assessment of dust generation over a period of time. Frisbee type gauges are our preferred method as they provide the greatest sampling efficiency.

Landfill Sites

Both active and closed landfill sites must be monitored for potentially toxic leachate and gas emissions. We provide testing and advice for waste site owners to ensure contaminants do not cause a health hazard or public nuisance.

We provide our monitoring services across the South West. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs and get a competitive quote.