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Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Acoustic Testing

You can now source expert acoustic testing and advice through Somerset Scientific Services. We’re proud to offer a range of services that enable businesses to protect their workforce, enhance their facilities and comply with regulations, alongside offering the general public a means of assessing noise and vibration that affects their home environment.

Workplace Acoustic Testing

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), around 17,000 UK workers suffer from deafness, ringing in the ears, tinnitus or other work-related ear conditions. The 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations require employers to take specific actions depending on the level of noise their workforce are exposed to. Identifying noise levels and patterns of daily employee exposure is essential for employers to be able to form a management plan. Noise at work assessments may be a requirement of commercial insurance or even help to reduce the cost of annual premiums. You can find out more about the regulations and the required actions for employers and their staff on the HSE website.

Acoustic Monitoring for Planning Regulations

Acoustic testing can be a crucial part of a planning application and help to avoid a delay in obtaining planning consideration. Noise monitoring may be a requirement of a planning consent or form part of an ISO9001 quality management system to proactively identify environmental noise impact. The impact of noise on a locality can vary enormously depending on activity level and weather conditions. Long term unattended monitoring may be essential to assess the true variation and levels of ambient or specific noise over time.

Indoor Acoustic Environment Assessment

Indoor acoustics can be greatly enhanced by good design and early advice can help avoid costly design changes or the need for retrospective improvements. How a space is used creates differing acoustic requirements. Public spaces such as village halls, bars, restaurants and classrooms need good acoustics if good communication is to be encouraged.  Control of background noise and reverberation in these types of buildings is extremely important. Advice on design and material use can enhance indoor environments for an optimised user experience.

Expert Acoustic Advice through Somerset Scientific Services

Somerset County Council has a qualified Acoustic Advisor with over 25 years’ experience. Mike Highfield’s services are available to public and commercial clients as well as his council-based customers. He provides impartial assessment and expert advice on any remedial work necessary to improve internal and external acoustic environments. Detailed analytical reports are created, but Mike is always happy to translate the technical jargon and give his advice in practical layman’s terms.

Services available

Acoustic advice:

  • Acoustic improvement of listening environments
  • Appraisal of acoustic information and reports
  • Assessment of vibration impacts on buildings and their occupants
  • Hearing conservation and employer action required under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations
  • Planning advice on the control of noise and vibration impacts from minerals and waste development
  • Preparation of noise reports required for school development projects and advice on refurbishment requirements
  • Preparation of reports to support District Council planning applications

Acoustic measurement:

  • Attended measurement of sound level and frequency characteristics
  • Unattended long-term environmental noise assessment
  • Blast event or other vibration monitoring assessment
  • Building performance assessment of reverberation, sound insulation, plant noise and noise break-in
  • Machinery noise and operator noise exposure assessment

Contact the team to see how we can help you, and to get a quote for assessment and advice from Mike Highfield, via our contact form, email or call 01823 355906