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Somerset Scientific Services Raise Funds For WaterAidUK

Somerset Scientific Services (SSS) have been raising money for our chosen charity Water Aid throughout 2017. Book sales, cake sales and donations for old lab kit have raised a total of £90. The UK government are currently matching all donations so, with gift aid, this means we’ll be contributing a fantastic £225. This is enough to buy 4 brand new hand pumps, plus tools and training for 2 hand pump technicians to maintain 20 villages.

Thanks to all who contributed to our fund. It’s a charity close to our hearts. Here at SSS, we test water on a daily basis for the people of Somerset. We all expect that when we turn on the tap we will get safe clean water. It only seemed right that we should try and give something back to communities who are not luck enough to have such a luxury.

Who Are Water Aid UK?

Water Aid has teams working in 34 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas. From their small beginnings in 1981, they have reached in excess of 24.9 million people with clean water, 24 million with decent toilets and 16.7 million with good hygiene. They work to provide not just every day basics such as taps and water harvesters, but also to train communities with essential skills. They also work at government level to shape policies and strategies that will benefit millions in the developing world.

Why Do They Need Our Help?

World Health Organisation & UNICEF figures are stark. 2.3 billion people don’t have a decent toilet of their own – that’s 1 in 3 of the global population. 844 million people don’t have clean water near their homes, and 31% of schools don’t have access to clean water.

Please consider supporting this worthwhile charity if you can. Follow the link to find out more about their work, and their range of charity gifts, including special sets for Valentine’s and Mothers Day.

Our 2018 Chosen Charity

Another service that SSS supply is asbestos identification and removal management from schools, workplaces and homes. Asbestos related diseases kill approximately 5000 people in the UK each year. Therefore 2018’s chosen charity is Mesothelioma UK. If you would like to donate any loose change then please contact Iain Hunter and the team via

Browse our website to find out more about all our services, and follow the links to learn more about our chosen charities.